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T.P.W. (Things People Wonder)

Have a burning inquiry that demands a response? Take a gander at our T.P.W. file first, and if it doesn't provide an answer (or if it raises even more questions) then just contact us!

So what are ELECTRONOBOTS, anyways?
Thanks for asking! ELECTRONOBOTS are miniature robot figurines made entirely from recycled electronic components.

Are they all the same, or what?
Quite the opposite! Each ELECTRONOBOT is a unique handmade creation, with special features including its own Spec Sheet and a Profile on this very website!

How big are these things?
The Spec Sheets are quite accurate: the smallest ELECTRONOBOTS are a diminutive 18,000µm weighing 2,000mg; the largest stand a whopping 100,000µm or taller and register a girthful 32,000mg on the scale.

What in the world is a µm?
Ah. µm is short for micron or micrometre, which is 1/1,000,000th of a metre.

Sheesh, are you guys always this ridiculous?
Yep! So you'd better get used to it.

Okay! Well I'm sold. Where do I find/get/obtain/purchase/steal one?
Soon you will be able to buy them right from this very website! In the meantime, please send a message and we'll get you hooked up ASAP!

I have a broken ELECTRONOBOT, can I get it repaired?
Absolutely! Collect all of the broken parts, and if you can't find them all, don't worry -- replacement parts will be provided. Send everything to the address below (including $3 for U.S. return shipping) and your 'bot will be sent back good as new!

  Attn: Repair Dept.
  2009 Maple Ln
  Lawrence, KS 66046-3257

Can I put my ELECTRONOBOT in different poses?
Well... sort of. It's not recommended, but on most 'bots the arms, legs, and other accessories may be (carefully) adjusted. If they're bent too far out of whack, see the previous question!

Are ELECTRONOBOTS non-toxic?
Though they don't pose a serious health risk, many of the components and solder may contain unhealthy substances. ELECTRONOBOTS are not recommended for any age human being to be consumed or orally fixated upon. While most likely safe for children, ELECTRONOBOTS aren't meant to be routinely handled or played with as toys; from our experience this means kids 7+, but please use your discretion.

Do you build custom-requested ELECTRONOBOTS?
We're working on it! For now, just send us a message with what you'd like, and we'll do our best to make it!

Can I personally get in touch with Dr. Merring?
Easy! Just send him a message!

T.P.W.? Why couldn't you just make a F.A.Q. like everyone else?
Awww, you're no fun anymore! We're off!

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